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  • Who runs JH Window Services?
    JH Window Services is owned and managed by Jimmy Hammett. Jimmy has over 15 years plus experience in the double glazing and installation of uPVC windows and doors.
  • What kind of style or design can I have?
    The beauty of uPVC windows and doors is just how inherently flexible they are. Windows or doors can be engineered in an array of attractive styles and designs. uPVC windows can be fitted in casement, tilt and turn, vertical slider, even made to look like sash windows. Likewise uPVC doors are available in Bi-Fold, Patio, French, Composite and traditional entranceway designs.
  • What about colour ranges?
    Traditionally in times past, windows were white! Now windows and doors can be coloured to a multitude of finishes, and fabricated to replicate the style of authentic woodgrain tones.
  • What does uPVC stand for?
    Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Our window frames and doors are all strengthened in such a way they will not flex, bend or warp which is the main thing!
  • Should double glazed windows get condensation?
    It's not unusual to see condensation on the outside of the windows - this is perfectly normal. What is happening is that the window is blocking the heat from inside your home from reaching the outside of your home, making the outside windows cooler and condensation happens. However, if condensation is appearing on the inside of your windows, then you might have other issues. For example, damage to the seals around the window openers, blown window gaskets, or lack of adequate ventilation in the room or place concerned.
  • Will I need to re-decorate after my windows are fitted?
    Our window fitters take the utmost care to minimise the impact of their work, to avoid any damage to walls or floors when installing your windows or doors. On the odd occasion, there can be some minimal painting required.
  • How much looking after do they need?
    Unlike wood, uPVC does not rot. But if you keep them clean, dirt free and look after the hinges and locks with some oil once in a while, then they will look great and keep performing well.
  • Are they expensive?
    At JH Window Services we aim to be affordable and keenly competitive. We don't have the overheads of larger companies or nationals, so we think you will love our prices when compared to other similar double glazing installers.

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