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Replacing Double Glazed Windows

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Window Installations

When double glazing first came out in the UK (around the 1970's with aluminium, then 1980's saw the arrival of uPVC) it was totally amazing. But like everything else, time does move on, and so does design, glass, seals, frames, sealants etc.

JH Window Services of Cosham supply and install quality uPVC windows and doors, and now in 2021 you can achieve huge savings by replacing your old out of date uPVC windows and doors, with much more eco-friendly windows. The whole structure of a double glazed window has changed so much, and today you to choose a model with better noise insulation to reduce outside sounds, and save even more on your heating costs.

Time to invest in new uPVC windows

If your current uPVC windows and frames are showing signs of cracking, discolouration, chipping or maybe they no longer look and feel the way you want them to, then now might be the time to invest in up to date modern windows and doors!

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